mHealth: Global Opportunities and Challenges

This book provides the ultimate coverage of all aspects of the burgeoning mobile health arena. It integrates issues around the clinical, policy, and technical aspects of mHealth to highlight the potential this transformative technology holds for healthcare systems throughout the world.

ONC_HealthIT: Extra, Extra, Read all About it! RT @pashva: "@KBDeSalvo: U.S. Senate Passes Resolution for #NHITWEEK"

09/15/14 12:00 pm

ONC_HealthIT: RT @BAndriesen: #ONC's Lee Stevens talks importance of #HIE after an emergency occurs, citing recent Oklahoma City tornadoes. #NHITWeek

09/15/14 11:15 am

ONC_HealthIT: RT @jodidaniel: "Sharing info w patients should not be an after thought" Mark Heaney from @GetReal_Health #NHITWeek #bluebutton

09/15/14 11:14 am

ONC_HealthIT: RT @MyrieTash: Gilbert Salinas@TheIHI talks about having multiple care team members & how technology helps #bluebutton #NHITWeek

09/15/14 11:02 am

ONC_HealthIT: Gilbert Salinas, an @theIHI fellow, explains how he is "chasing the Triple Aim" (better health, better health care & lower costs) #NHITWeek

09/15/14 11:02 am

ONC_HealthIT: Gilbert Salinas, the @theIHI fellow, explains how he redesigned his own health care and "flip it" when he relocated from CA to MA #NHITWeek

09/15/14 11:01 am

ONC_HealthIT: RT @bandriesen: Patient matching remains big issue for KHIN (KS) in getting patient's access to their info. #NHITweek #bluebutton

09/15/14 10:58 am

ONC_HealthIT: MT @LisaNicole_D: #HITFellow & doc @Tim_Burdick joins panel to discuss empowering patients to share their records

09/15/14 10:55 am

ONC_HealthIT: Gilbert Salinas, an @theIHI fellow, tells his moving story of being a patient and #healthIT advocate #NHITweek

09/15/14 10:55 am

ONC_HealthIT: RT @mayauppaluru: @adamdole & @blacktm on #ONC #BlueButton Connector site:

09/15/14 10:41 am


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